Germany.  Many sights seen along the Rhine river on our way from Denmark all the way down to Munich or Munchun.

BMW Headquarters

Suit of armor in one of many castles visited along the Rhine


This one is a Hotel now.

The famous Neuschwanstein castle

Ice cream vending machine in Munich

So much fresh fruit in Munich!

The facade of the Theatinerkirche

Marienplatz, the city center

The Cathedral church in Munich

Of course the police would drive BMW's

Inside the Porche museum in Studtgarth

A crossing on the Rhine

Real soccer fans

The stadium in Olympia park


Downtown in the square


We were guests in this house


This is a midevil church undergoing renovations


The wall surrounding the town


Our transport shown in Heidleberg


The castle

The Ritter

Our home in Heidleberg

The Barbi car

Sunday in the park (Munich)

Taking a beer in the Haufbrau House with Atle